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Table Rock Lake Boater Safety Certification.
Missouri requires anyone born after January 1, 1984, to have a boating safety certification approved by the Missouri Water Patrol in order to operate a boat or personal water craft on the lakes in the state. In addition to having this card onboard, you must also carry some form of photo identification. The boating safety identification card requirement also applies to nonresidents. Nonresidents may obtain a 30-day non-renewable temporary permit for the purpose of renting a vessel in lieu of the boating safety identification card requirement above by passing an examination approved by the Missouri Water Patrol. The card is obtained by successfully completing a boating safety course approved by the Missouri Water Patrol. You can take this course by a video and written test, online at, or in a classroom. Download the PDF Handbook of Missouri boating Laws and Responsibilities here. MO Handbook

Registering and Titling Your Vessel.
If you are a resident of another state and your vessel is registered and titled with that state, you do not need to register it in Missouri or a permit to operate it on Table Rock Lake. Missouri residents need to register and title their vessels with the State of Missouri and you must have a Missouri Certificate of Number and Validation to operate your vessel legally on the public waters of Missouri. The registration numbers and validation decals must be displayed on both sides of the bow above the water line. See the Missouri Boating Laws and Responsibilities handbook on how to apply your numbers and decal.

Age to operate a Boat or Personal Water Craft.
All persons must be at least 14 years of age to operate a motorboat of PWC legally, unless under the direct, onboard supervision of a parent, guardian, or other person 16 years of age or older. No person may knowingly permit a child under the minimum age to operate a motorboat or PWC unattended. Parents and guardians are legally responsible for the underage operator and their actions.

Required Equipment onboard a Boat or PWC.
All persons must have an approved life jacket onboard the vessel. Children under 7 years of age must have a life jacket on at all times unless the child is confined in a totally enclosed area of the vessel such as the cabin area of a houseboat or day cruiser. In addition to the life jackets, one Type IV Personal Flotation Device is required to be readily access able. Each person riding on a PWC MUST have an approved life jacket on. All vessels are required to have navigation lights. All vessels are required to have a US Coast Guard approved Fire Extinguisher onboard and a whistle or horn. Vessels must have proper ventilation systems and factory installed mufflers. See the handbook for further explanation. State law requires that scuba divers and snorklers display a Diver Down Flag to mark the diving area. Divers must stay within a 50 yard radius of the Diver Down Flag. Vessel operators must not operate within 50 yards of a displayed Diver Down Flag. An orange or bright red Skier Down Flag is required for indicating a Skier Down or Person in the Water for a motorboat towing a person behind on water skis, inter tubes, knee boards, sleds or other similar devices and must be visible for 360 degrees. This flag is to be displayed when a person is in the water before or after being towed on water skis or similar devices or when a swimmer leaves the confines of a vessel. The flag is to be displayed only the skier or person being towed is in the water before or after being towed. Once the skier is up and being towed the flag must be lowered. The flag must be raised again when the skier falls or stops skiing and the person enters the water in order to return to the motorboat. Displaying the flag is only required from 11:00 am to sunset. All vessel operators in the vicinity of a displayed Skier Down Flag are required to operate at idle speed if closer than 50 yards to the vessel displaying the Skier Down Flag. PWC and moored or anchored boats are exempt from displaying the Skier Down Flag.

Use of Fireworks.
State law prohibits the use of fireworks by persons while on board vessels.